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Clan Information
Hey guys, Success and Astonish here. We wanted to make a website to help better connect with our fans and our clan members, most of the site will be for clan members for clan events, clan announcements and other group activities, but we will be posting videos, pictures and other fun things on the site, as well as posting big announcements all on the website.

New Members:
If you are a new member, meaning not a part of the Lure Time Clan Chat, and you are interested in joining the clan message me on youtube, through this website or simply in game at Ltz success. Big chance for those of you scapers that are trying to make easy money, the world of luring is a great place to make money, meet friendly people who are like you trying to be rich and reach goals. To many people sit in the game idle in the Grand Exchange... we wanted to change that by starting up a way to get those who really want to do something in the game a chance to do so. 

​Current Members:
If you are already a member of the Lure time clan chat, follow the instructions to registering for the website, ALL MEMBERS must sign up for the clan website and be registered, to stay alert for announcements and other things, please sign in with your runescape name or a name we call you in the clan or that we will know its you. 
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Clan Members
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Guild Roster
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Chrisfri Chrisfri   
iFap2 Bieber FearFap   
Ltz successltz success2018128 
we we hole5Luffy586   
x whip2ags xwhip2ags   

Welcome- Thanks for coming and checking out the site, if you are already a part of the Lure Time then register. If you are not a member of the clan the please send me a message and we can talk about you joining.

Clan- The clan has 30 members and is constantly growing, we are very active in luring and recently clan pking and clan vs clan fights. The clan Lure Time is ran by im Astonish/ Ltz success both of us have tons of experience in luring both red and purple portal. Joining the clan you will get to learn how to lure like we do and see the methods that we have been teaching the other members of the clan, if you want we can invite you to the clan to show you its legit and has constant active members then message me in game, or through youtube. I will always message you back.

 The clan would like all members to post events they want to do, or pking adventures as we like to call them, where you go to rev's and kill some clans or magers, but we would strongly recommend members to sign up and check back frequently for the date/time of the events. Also can host drop parties, or other big events with the sign up of members.

Registering- If you already are a member please Register for the clan and be active on this site to be able to tell when new events are coming out and to sign up for up and coming events, also please use common sense when making an account we know most of your runescape names but please use your runescape name and a different password then your login password.

 The forums are open to anyone who is interested in talking or has some topic they want to discuss, feel free to post different discussions. We offer a forum for you to use, to help you become better lurers and also just to help inform you about new updates or new content in Runescape.

Pictures/Video upload- Feel free to upload In real life pictures or just in game pictures of what your doing and to show off what you have been getting like loots or new skills. Video uploading, if you want to upload videos just feel free to upload them and show off lure videos or pking clips.

Be sure to check out these youtubers: 
Guild News

Lure time Website is up!

ltz success, Jan 26, 12 6:54 PM.
hey guys, took the time to make a website to help organize the clan more, and set up more social events to really connect more and to be more involved with the clan, so look out guys more is coming!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

ltz success, Jan 26, 12 4:15 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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